Temas Publicaciones: Laico Colombia

I believe in love sharing Yo creo en el amor que comparte

This is the slogan that the National Secretariat for Social Pastoral has for the collection of Lent 2014 which called to share our wealth with the poor. This message is an invitation to contribute to the reduction of poverty in our communities and build together a more just and equitable society.  With the funds raised by the Collection of Lent, …

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Growth in the preparation of lay: Lay Missionaries National CongressCrecimiento en la preparación del laico: Congreso Nacional de Laicos Misioneros

With the motto "Faith is a gift received to be shared" was held from 12 to 14 October in Bogota Colombia, Lay Missionaries National Congress, an event sponsored by the departments of Lay State and Missionary Animation, of the Conference Bishops of Colombia ( CEC) . The initiative shared experiences of evangelization with the lay missionaries, under the light of …

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