1. Working for the growth of the evangelism in our country.

2. Encourage every Catholic believer to respond to the call to participate in the evangelizing work in Colombia.

3. Become conscious of our responsibility to help and support, in the variety of situations that occur according to the field of action, the evangelism plans to be carried out in our nation. 

4. Inform and educate the people of God about the issues of the Church to which we belong.

5. Promote a sense of belonging to the Catholic Church, where each member lives and understands their responsibility to its mission and work.

6.  Live the opportunity to contribute to the growth and support of our Church.


Animar a todas las personas a participar y apoyar con generosidad la Campaña Dona Nobis: la obra evangelizadora de la Iglesia Católica en Colombia.
Realizar el último domingo de agosto una colecta económica que anime y fortalezca los diferentes programas que lleva a cabo la Iglesia Católica en Colombia.