Obra Evangelizadora

Christmas and New YearNavidad y fin de año

Navidad Dona Nobis

Christmas is best understood when we contemplate the manger and see there the God of Heaven made ​​man, born of woman, ready to undertake the mission to reconcile human beings with the sky. It is at this time, when our hearts are filled with hope and begin to relive all the experiences lived throughout the year, our feelings are moved …

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Campaigns in ActionCampañas en acción

Not only in our country but in different parts of our region, we see the active participation of the laity who cares for the Church to have adequate resources for the development of the work of evangelization. Examples of this is the campaign of Argentina "Collect more for less," Chile's "one percent" and Ecuador's "five loaves and two fish," which …

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We All Are the ChurchTodos Somos Iglesia

We are all the Church and we all share the responsibility of building common goals that will facilitate the growth and maintenance of a work of evangelization, which must be constant and prolonged. We work in the communities; we work in parishes; we work in our country jurisdictions. So we are called to serve and participate in this work responsibly. …

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