Campaigns in ActionCampañas en acción

Not only in our country but in different parts of our region, we see the active participation of the laity who cares for the Church to have adequate resources for the development of the work of evangelization. Examples of this is the campaign of Argentina "Collect more for less," Chile's "one percent" and Ecuador's "five loaves and two fish," which …

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We are gratefulEstamos agradecidos

Dona Nobis

Bogota, D.C. September 4th, 2013.   Excellence: Kindest and warmest regards.   I want to express my sincere gratitude for your strong cooperation in the campaign for Self-sustaining Evangelizing Work of the Church (Dona Nobis) that took place last August 25th, which will continue to be promoted through , and will have its main day on the last Sunday …

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We want to support othersQueremos apoyar a otros

Ayuda Dona Nobis

In the future, the campaign, and to the extent that the donations may grow, could think about helping needy jurisdictions, and also where the work of evangelization is hindered by the lacking of economic resources. This pastoral action is possible thanks to the generous participation of thousands of people who give their time, labor and resources unselfishly, because of the …

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Plan in ProgressPlan en marcha

The Plan of the Work of Evangelization of the Catholic Church in Colombia is underway and we want to thank everyone who participated on the last Sunday of August in the collection. With this help we are going to continue self-sustaining the Work of Evangelization in our country. We want to be part of the path that teaches what is …

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We All Are the ChurchTodos Somos Iglesia

We are all the Church and we all share the responsibility of building common goals that will facilitate the growth and maintenance of a work of evangelization, which must be constant and prolonged. We work in the communities; we work in parishes; we work in our country jurisdictions. So we are called to serve and participate in this work responsibly. …

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