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The world needs great apostlesEl mundo necesita grandes apóstoles

grandes apóstoles dona nobis

We can not stand by watching how the world is dying for lack of a meaning to life. The world needs great apostles. The world is dying, but not by global warming, which is so fashionable. The world is dying for not knowing God: Humanity, seeking happiness in material things, not finding it, falls into a deep labyrinth without end …

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Mensaje de Esperanza

Cuenta la historia que en una noche de navidad, en medio del frío y de la oscuridad, una pobre niña pasó por la calle con la cabeza y los pies desnuditos. Tenía mucha hambre, mucho frío y muy mísero aspecto. ¡Pobre niña! Los copos de nieve se posaban en sus largos cabellos rubios, que le caían en preciosos bucles sobre …

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Approaching Christmas, Pope will visit hospitalized childrenAcercándose la Navidad, Papa visitará a niños hospitalizados

Dona Nobis

Pope Francisco visit pediatric patients in the small hospital Bambino Gesú of Rome, on Saturday December 21, as announced by the Secretary of State, Monsignor Pietro Parolin. He did it at the end of the charity concert «Light of children», which took place Monday afternoon, in collaboration with the Secretariat of State, which this year holds the infrastructure and technological …

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Christmas and New YearNavidad y fin de año

Navidad Dona Nobis

Christmas is best understood when we contemplate the manger and see there the God of Heaven made ​​man, born of woman, ready to undertake the mission to reconcile human beings with the sky. It is at this time, when our hearts are filled with hope and begin to relive all the experiences lived throughout the year, our feelings are moved …

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Growth in the preparation of lay: Lay Missionaries National CongressCrecimiento en la preparación del laico: Congreso Nacional de Laicos Misioneros

With the motto "Faith is a gift received to be shared" was held from 12 to 14 October in Bogota Colombia, Lay Missionaries National Congress, an event sponsored by the departments of Lay State and Missionary Animation, of the Conference Bishops of Colombia ( CEC) . The initiative shared experiences of evangelization with the lay missionaries, under the light of …

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The collectLa colecta

Colecta Colombia

The success that the collects have had, demonstrates that organization can help the needy. By participating in all Sunday Masses, seconds September each year across the country, and often extended at Masses throughout the weekend , the works that supports "More for Less " in Argentina´s Church, help alleviate the difficulties of much of the population within the country, especially …

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